SubC Smart Cameras

1Cam™ 3D

  • Live 3D via coax or fiber
  • Internal 3D and stills recording
  • 10x optical zoom

Chimaera Mk2

  • Dedicated stills with 35mm sensor
  • Live Ethernet transfer
  • Designed for underwater photography

Topside ROV Equipment

Live Video Cameras


  • 1080 HD 30FPS
  • HD/SD Simultaniously
  • Small Footprint


  • H.264 video over Ethernet
  • UltraOptics wide angle

Imaging Systems


  • Designed for Professional Fishing Operations
  • Live HD Recording System
  • Lighting Solution
  • DC Battery

3D Modeling Suite

  • High Accuracy Underwater 3D modeling
  • Live 3D Recording System
  • Video Laser Scanner

Support Equipment

Battery 259

  • Heavy duty battery
  • Built in protection
  • Magnetic on/off switch

Stingray Grid Laser

  • 9x9 grid pattern
  • Efficient DC powered

Skate Line Laser

  • High accuracy line pattern
  • Efficient DC powered

Aquorea LED

  • High output strobe/lamp
  • Efficient DC powered