Manufacturing remote imaging devices

Compatible with all underwater systems

Video recording, overlay and processing

Systems for HD, 4K, 3D, Stills and 360 video

Custom design and engineering services


High quality, state-of-the-art, underwater imaging equipment. That is what SubC Imaging delivers. And we are constantly innovating to enable the best possible footage at greater depths. User-friendly, intuitive equipment means you can capture the information you need quickly to make the most of your valuable time at sea.

SubC Imaging ROV 4K Suite

New 1Cam 4K footage!

This is a compilation of our 4K UHD video testing completed in the cold North Atlantic.

SubC 1Cam HD camera installed on hydrothermal vent

1Cam, still active on submarine volcano, long term deployment

The APL-UW team integrated the camera/lights into a system which added a pan/tilt and other metadata sensors and 10Gigabit fiberoptic interface to the Cabled Array infrastructure.

Lion FIsh

Photo of the Week

Photo of a lionfish captured with SubC’s ROV camera, the 1Cam Alpha.


SubC at Underwater Intervention 2016!

SubC Imaging is pleased to be exhibiting again at Underwater Intervention in New Orleans. This year we are profiling the latest in SubC’s high resolution video/digital stills packages including our 4K…