Autonomy is the future of underwater systems. SubC has developed plug and play equipment with the goal of simplifying autonomous image and video collection. The Rayfin is the center of this development. Designed as an autonomous or controlled science payload with 21 megapixel digital stills, 4K and HD recording to internal storage. 

At its core lies a smart Ethernet camera with autonomous dive interval programming. Built-in sensor fusion will simplify advanced computer vision applications such as image mosaics, object detection and 3D model creation. It does this by storing NMEA formatted sensor data in time sync with images and videos. 

All camera controls in a simple interface

Live video and control over Ethernet
SD video over composite
RS232 and RS485 control

Live video and stills are transferred over Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet.

For compatibility with older systems, video is also transmitted as 1v p-p composite

SubC’s control software has an intuitive interface for all camera controls.

Compatible with PCs, laptops and tablets.

rugged tablet control for subc rayfin rov hd stills camera control software

SubC Rayfin sensor fusion of navigation data with digital stills

Sensor data logging

canadian auv camera digital still 4k system

Dive Interval Programming

LEDs, Line and Grid Lasers

Full Titanium Anti-corrosion

Composite Video Long Line Driver

Composite Signal long line driver from SubC Imaging for Smart underwater cameras

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