The Aquorea is an advanced LED built specifically for SubC Smart Cameras to operate as a hybrid light with lamp and strobe modes. It is efficient, only 54 watts for 4800 lumens.

High reliability with zero maintenance and greater than 60,000 hour lifespan.
It is available in a number of configurations for various applications.

Available in 3000m, 6500m and 11Km builds.


Aquorea LED Strobe

In this configuration the Aquorea is controlled by a SubC camera as a Strobe or Lamp.

It includes a 10 foot cable and has built in pre-charge and soft-start to limit current in-rush from the ROV supply.

We have now included wide-angle diffuse optics for up-close photography.

SubC Aquorea LED strobe dims

Aquorea Serial Control LED

In this configuration the Aquorea is fully adjustable with a power range from 0 – 100% with RS232. Temperature feedback is also built in.

Multiple LEDs can be controlled from the same serial channel with SubC’s software.

This model is ideal for remote systems such as 3D modelling rigs and drop camera setups.

SubC Aquorea LED strobe dims

Various color options


Material and Depth ratings

SubC Live Software

Aquorea Software

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