SubC’s Sculpin and Aquorea a FORCE in collecting real-time data

July 27, 2017SubC in the Press, Projects
Publishing credit: Darren Pittman/ImagesEast

In their quest to gather data on environmental characteristics such as currents and turbulence, marine life activity, noise levels, and seabed stability, the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) has begun integrating data from a number of subsea monitoring systems.

To advance efforts in surveying and characterizing the FORCE site, two underwater monitoring platforms called Fundy Advanced Sensor Technology (FAST), were created.  Understanding this powerful habitat is critical to the future of environmental effects monitoring. To aid in the process of capturing data from the Minas Passage, FORCE has incorporated SubC’s Sculpin underwater camera and Aquorea LED Mk2 on the FAST-2 platform.

Integrating the latest generation of high power LEDs in the Aquorea along with the high-performance diver camera, the Sculpin, with its multi-format video input and digital pan-tilt and zoom, will support the FAST-2 platform in providing live feedback and assist in conducting preliminary tests in the Minas Passage.