SubC Imaging at Geohab 2017

May 2, 2017Events

This week SubC Imaging’s Chad Collett and Ron Collier are in Nova Scotia to attend the 2017 Geohab conference. This conference houses an exhibition of industry technology and products used in the marine environmental community,┬ábut more importantly acts as a great┬ámultidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge within ocean mapping and management. Chad and Ron will be showcasing our latest technology such as the Rayfin, Aquorea MK2, and the 1Cam MK6. They will also be discussing the future by meeting with other experiments within the industry. Pictured above is Ron Collier chatting with Ulrich Lobsiger, one of the pioneers of deep sea imaging.

This conference will be running from Monday, May 1st until Friday, May 5th. To learn more about Geohab you can visit their site here!