VisionSphere ROV large white

The VisionSphere™ equips a ROV or underwater system with two to four SubC UltraOptics® cameras.

The ultra-wide field of view increases awareness of the surroundings. In an offshore setting, this reduces the possibility of damage to equipment. For marine research, this maximizes the effectiveness of surveys.


The core of the system


Reduced Complexity of Inspections


SubC UltraOptics®


Customized hardware

Every underwater system is different. To accommodate this, SubC has developed variations of hardware.

Cameras: UltraOptics® are available in live Ethernet, HD-SDI and even 4K cameras.

Lighting: Usually there are no lights on the periphery of a ROV, so SubC has developed ultra-efficient LEDs that can be controlled directly by the cameras. They can also sync with the exposure as a strobe.

Multiplexer: A custom subsea Mux can be provided as part of the system if the extra channels of video are not available in the current telemetry pod.

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