VLS System

The 3D modeling hardware is the core of a service offered by a global partnership. It is a quick intervention system for 3D modeling underwater assets to assess condition.

The system combines 2x 1Cam Lite, 2x Aquorea LEDs, a Skate laser, an Isopod mux and a SubC DVR to create a live 3D recording system.

Dimeye has created software, algorithms and the expertise to combine the 3D footage into high accuracy 3D models that can be imported into CAD software such as Solidworks.



The Core Of The System

SubC Imaging ROV HD 4K 3D DVRO Cameras LED

Skate Line Laser

The Skate was designed for 3D modeling applications requiring a beam width that is very narrow and uniform.

  • Small 1.5″ diameter
  • Standard 6500m full Titanium
  • Dimmable 50mW output
  • RS232 control

Dual 1Cams

Isopod HD MUX

Isopod Mux

The Isopod is a multiplexer that is able to transmit 2 HD videos, along with a Tri-level sync for 3D operation. It also multiplexes two RS232 signals and two RS485 signals. The Isopod handles power distribution as well, allowing a very simple interface to an ROV. All that is necessary is power ( 15 – 28Vdc ) and a Singlemode Fiber.

Custom configurations, such as 4 simultaneous HD video signals, are available.

Aquorea Lighting Solution


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