The Skate is designed for 3D modeling applications that require a very narrow and uniform beam width.

  • Small 1.5″ diameter
  • Standard 6500m full Titanium
  • Dimmable 50mW output
  • Generates a sharp line with a fan angle of 53.9° in water


RS232 and TTL Control

The Skate can be controlled in two modes:

  • TTL for On/Off up to 1000hz
  • RS232 with dimming and diode temp feedback

Health and Safety compatible with on deck auto-off option. The Skate software can take in NMEA strings for depth and turn off the laser for safety considerations when the ROV is running out of the water.

Comes standard as line laser. Other lens options available.

Skate Line Laser

6500m Titanium Standard Depth Rating

Engineered for 3D modelling

SubC Live Software

Skate Laser

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