The Grenadier is a compact, high performance, ONVIF compatible, H.264 IP camera. SubC UltraOptics® boost the field of view to 142°.

It streams 1080p HD video @ 30 and 60FPS and the size of the 2 megapixel sensor enables good low-light capability.

A 11 Km depth rated version is available for the most extreme pressures of the ocean.


SubC Grenadier with UltraOptics dimensions

11Km Ethernet camera

The Grenadier 11KM was designed to withstand the absolute highest underwater pressures and depth while maintaining clear 1080P Ethernet video.

With ONVIF support, this camera has simple integration with underwater systems.

SubC has tested Ethernet cabling to 16,000psi to ensure this camera operates perfectly.

SubC Grenadier 11Km dimensions

SubC UltraOptics®

SubC Grenadier 11Km Ethernet Camera

Full Titanium Anti-corrosion

SubC Live Software

Software Grenadier

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