The Aquorea™ Mk2 is a hybrid strobe/lamp that integrates with SubC cameras. The LED driver synchronizes the camera exposure time with its activation time while strobing — freezing the stills taken so objects photographed can be captured in highest detail. The built-in charge control allows strobing while limiting the current draw from the system’s power supply.

The Mk2 LED can also operate as a stand-alone product with serial control.


Technical Specifications

The Mk2 runs at low power (18-32 Vdc / 20-100 watts) in between strobes, and can pulse while simultaneously operating as a lamp. Integration is straightforward, as it is controlled via RS232/RS485 or operated automatically from a SubC camera auxiliary bulkhead.

Other specifications include:

  • Efficiency:  145 lumen/watt @ 15℃ water
  • Thermal Protection: Auto dim/shutoff
  • Min/Max Temperature: -10 to 20°C (in water)

Far-red Lighting

Material and Depth Ratings

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