The Aquorea Mk2 is a hybrid strobe/lamp that synchronizes with SubC cameras. The LED driver synchronizes the camera exposure time with it’s activation time while strobing. This freezes the stills taken so objects photographed can be captured in the highest detail. The built-in charge control allows it to strobe while limiting the current draw from the system’s power supply. The Mk2 LED can also operate as a stand-alone product with serial control.­


Technical Specifications

Aquorea MK2 LED Strobe/Lamp

The Mk2 runs at low power in between strobes. After a pulse, it charges its internal circuits. It can also pulse while simultaneously operating as a lamp.

The Mk2 incorporates the latest generation of high power LEDs. It has built-in power conditioning, temperature protection, signal and voltage protections.

Integration is simple as it is controlled via RS232/RS485; or operated automatically from a SubC camera auxiliary bulkhead.

Far-red lighting

Material and Depth ratings

SubC Live Software

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