SubC Imaging Grenadier Underwater Ethernet CameraSubC Imaging Grenadier Underwater Ethernet Camera

Grenadier Compact Underwater Ethernet Camera

Product and Service Updates | January 19, 2015

Grenadier Compact Underwater Ethernet Camera

The Grenadier is a compact high performance PoE GigE camera. It features HD video (1920x1200p) @ 27FPS, excellent low-light capability and an in-water view angle of 65 degrees.

It is fully configurable with options for frame rate, bitrate, and resolution to better balance bandwidth and image quality

SubC Imaging has designed a 11,000m rated version of the Grenadier for a customer AUV application. It has a thicker and wider Sapphire port to retain the view angle. It also has a slightly larger diameter Titanium body. Special custom cabling has been designed and tested to run GigE at 11Km sea depth.

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1Cam Infrared Filter with Red Aquorea

Product and Service Updates | January 5, 2015

1Cam Infrared Filter with Red Aquorea

SubC Imaging has created a system that can help in scenarios in which ROV operations are delayed by a cluster of marine creatures in the area. When ROV lights are on, they sometimes attract fish and /or krill, which may cause delays due to limited visibility. Because of this, operations are sometimes forced to occur during daylight hours only, in order to limit the use of ROV lighting. Many sea creatures do not have RED cones in their eyes, due to evolution and the absorption of RED light in water.

With the 1Cam Infrared Filter (GREEN) + Diffuse Wide-angle lighting (RED) enables video in a mixture of Yellow, Orange and Brown because of the missing Blue light element. RED light is absorbed in water, but still very useful within up to 30 feet of viewing distance.

SubC Imaging’s capable cameras are able to control our LEDs so this system can be implemented quickly without complex integration.

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SubC Imaging 1Cam-MK5

Introducing the 1Cam Lite

Product and Service Updates | August 14, 2014

Live HD Video and 10x Optical Zoom – 1Cam Lite

Designed for clients without an immediate requirement for HD video recording or Digital Stills, the 1Cam Lite is a more economical version of the 1Cam with a reduced feature set. It outputs 1080p Video and includes Integrated Lasers and an External LED Connection.

Designed with flexibility in mind, available options include a Water-corrected viewport, various depth ratings and green lasers. If Recording and Stills become a future requirement, the 1Cam Lite can be upgraded to a 1Cam with all its features and functions.

SubC / EMO Isopod 3D Mux with Tri-level sync generator

The SubC Isopod

Product and Service Updates | April 14, 2014

The SubC Isopod, the product of a collaboration between SubC Imaging and EMO Marine, is a multiplexer capable of transmitting two HD videos, along with a Tri-level sync for 3D operation.

It was built originally for the Dimeye Video Laser Scan. It is now a part of SubC custom imaging systems service.

It allows for a very simple interface to an ROV by handling all power distribution (24Vdc + 1 Singlemode fibre). It also multiplexes two RS232 signals, as well as two RS485 signals.

VLS System

Introducing the SubC Sixgill HD 3D Underwater Camera!

Product and Service Updates | March 7, 2014

The Sixgill has been replaced with the 1Cam Mk5 in the 3D modeling system (VLS)

The Sixgill was designed to synchronize multiple cameras for cinema quality HD and 3D. Video resolutions include 720, 1080 and 2K progressive or interlaced, making it extremely capable with auto/manual control over Iris, Gain, Shutter speed, Binning, Gamma, and much more.

Options include a motorized lens with 10x Zoom, Focus, and Iris, strobe sync and a wide angle viewport. Various lenses are available for a variety of view angles and focal lengths.

SubC Smart Camera Laser TTL external line scan

Water Corrected Optics and Skate Laser

Product and Service Updates | November 27, 2013

Wide angle windows now available for select SubC cameras

SubC is now offering an optional wide-angle domed viewport. The water-corrected optics provide a 90.5 degree field of view in water, while significantly reducing chromatic and geometric distortion. The 1Cam Mk5 is now available with these water-corrected optics.

SubC has created the first ROV dimmable green laser

SubC is very excited to announce the launch of the Skate ROV Laser: the first dimmable laser featuring multiple lens options.