SubC celebrates World Oceans Day at the Marine Institute

Community Outreach | June 5, 2017

SubC Imaging was at the Marine Institute over the weekend to celebrate World Ocean’s Day at the College’s Oceans Day NL event. Spectators had an opportunity to see some impressive footage taken by our HD cameras as well as to get a hands-on look at our latest tech. At this event we showcased our 1Cam MK6, Aquorea LED as well as our newest innovation the Rayfin. If you would like to know more about Oceans Day NL you can visit the Marine Institutes on Twitter here.

Attention Mate ROV competitors!

Community Outreach | May 18, 2017


In support of this year’s international MATE ROV competition, SubC Imaging is pleased to offer a discount on its Sculpin underwater cameras to all participating teams. The Sculpin is a compact, high-resolution video camera available in standard or high definition models and ideal for mounting on smaller ROVs.  
For more details or to receive pricing please contact the sales team.

Little Green Thumbs and Subc Imaging

Community Outreach | May 17, 2017

SubC Imaging’s Chad Collett and Adam Rowe visited Riverside Elementary last week to take a look at the class-grown crops as part of the Little Green Thumbs program. SubC Imaging is one of the sponsors for the two classes that were designated as Little Green Thumbs. Students grow vegetables to learn about the science involved, healthy eating and agriculture. The students did everything from planting, growing and eating of their own crops, and presented visitors with home grown salad, pesto pasta made from some basil, tomatoes, cucumber and other tasty vegetables.

The Little Green Thumbs classes went so well that outdoor gardens maybe in the future for Riverside Elementary. SubC is proud to support the development of our youth and to support this initiative.

A Big Bike Ride for a good cause

Community Outreach | September 23, 2016

SubC Imaging went out and showed their support last Thursday at the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s annual Big Bike Ride. Although the weather was poor, spirits were high and with the help of the community they raised $2000 for a great cause! As you can tell by all of the smiling faces they had fun in the process. We here at SubC cannot wait to be apart of the next one!

You can visit The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website here!

Pictured below are SubC staffers Adam Vey, Thomas Seary and Riley Hudson


Winners of MATE 2016 with SubC Anglerfish Prize

MATE ROV competition 2016 – Supported by SubC

Community Outreach | June 15, 2016

Congratulations to the MUN ROV team. SubC has donated equipment and expertise to the MATE competition every year. It is an outstanding program that is aimed at developing the skills of youth in the oceans tech sector with the goal of developing well-educated professionals to enter the workforce. This year the winner received a free SubC camera. The results are posted here.

The RANGER class winner, Ozaukee High School from Fredonia, WI, was the proud winner of the Anglerfish camera system.  This team also had the highest production demonstration (underwater mission) score in the RANGER class. They did a fantastic job!

SubC Donates to local School Riverside

Helping out in the local community and across Canada

Community Outreach | June 8, 2016

SubC sent $2000 to Alberta through the Red Cross, to help the families who have lost their homes and more to the wildfires.

We are also donating $2000 to do renovations to Riverside Elementary School. Education is important and currently the NL government allotments to the school systems are experiencing budget cuts. Lets hope 2017 is a better year. 🙂

SubC Donates To Alberta Fires

SubC Imaging to Donate $2000 to The Canadian Red Cross