SubC is in the UK for the Ocean Business Conference

Events | April 4, 2017

SubC Imaging is in Southampton this week to demonstrate our specialized ocean imaging hardware and software. What sets this conference apart from other ocean industry events is it offers 180 hours of free training and demonstration sessions held in their real environments; in test tanks, classrooms, and on board vessels. Offering an educational and exciting opportunity for visitors to see the latest and greatest underwater mapping, imaging and autonomous vehicle technologies.

SubC brought along our 1Cam MK6, Aquorea MK2, Rayfin, and DVRO Portable to showcase the latest underwater imaging technology as well as our comprehensive software suite included on the DVRO portable. SubC Imaging is proud to be among the top innovators in the field of Ocean technology and underwater imaging.

To find out more about the Ocean Business conference check out their website here, or visit them on Facebook here.


Helping Ocean Scientists get a clearer image

SubC in the Press | March 16, 2017

SubC was recently given recognition for its high-quality equipment and one-stop solution for ocean imaging in an article written by Andrew Safer. The article followed a group of ocean scientists as they discussed the challenges of receiving high-quality images in the depths of the ocean as well as the limitations of the past and the advances of current technology. SubC Imaging was praised by ocean scientist Brennan Phillips as a company that offers an all in one solution to imaging and data collection or as he says, “What’s unique about SubC is they produce systems from soup to nuts,” , “from powering and controlling the camera, to processing the data, to storing it topside.”.

Phillips has recently been on an expedition in the Solomon Islands aided by our MK6 4k camera to help him in his research. “SubC’s camera fit right into that requirement. Everything worked flawlessly.” said Brennan when speaking about the advantages of using SubC’s equipment. Brennan also made use of our battery technology to assist in his dives, as he says “Battery power is a huge advantage when you can’t provide surface power to the system”.  SubC is proud to assist ocean scientists like Brennan Phillips in their endeavors.

Read the full article here.


SubC is in Germany for the Marine Imaging Workshop

Events | February 23, 2017

SubC Imaging’s very own Chad Collett and Ron Collier are in Germany this week presenting our dynamic and specialized oceanic imaging equipment at the Marine Imaging Workshop. The equipment highlighted for this trip will be the 1Cam MK6, Aquorea MK2, DVRO, the Visionsphere and the Rayfin. Besides promoting SubC;s latest and greatest imaging solutions Chad and Ron will be participating in round-table discussions about the present and future of this unique industry. The Marine Imaging Workshop focuses on developments and challenges in methods of marine optical imaging: imagery acquisition, processing and manipulation, annotation, segmentation and automated strategies, data management, application to scientific aims, and outlook and future developments. You can read more about the Marine Imaging workshop here.


SubC Imaging at the OINA Convention in San Diego

Events | February 15, 2017

This week SubC Imaging is in San Diego to display our underwater technologies at the North American Oceanology International Conference. At this event, they will be showcasing our latest and most popular technologies such as the  1Cam MK6, Aquorea MK2,  DVRO and the Rayfin. If you find yourself at the conference please stop by our booth! You can find out more about the conference on the OINA’s official website found here.  You can also follow the North American Oceanology International on twitter @OceanologyIntl  #OINA17.



SubC Helps to Uncover a Mystery

Events, Projects, SubC in the Press | December 21, 2016

Two and a half kilometers below the ocean and 200 kilometers from the coast sits Australia’s largest naval disaster. In a never seen before experience, witness forgotten ships and the history behind them. The From Great Depths book gives light to the long sunken ships through a sequence of 2d and 3d high definition photos courtesy of SubC Imaging’s specialized cameras and imaging systems. Although the HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran have been sitting on the sea floor in darkness for 75 years, From Great Depths with the help of SubC’s equipment brings them back to life. Make sure to check out this amazing publication here!

There is also be an exhibition held at the Museum of Geraldton that focuses on the beautiful images that highlight this exploration under the sea. Included in this exhibition is an exciting 3D film featuring the underwater footage captured during the expedition, along with personal accounts and historic images! You can read more about the exhibition here!



A camera great for 3d exploration, the 1Cam 3d.


SubC Imaging at the Oceanology International Conference in Shanghai, China

Events, Uncategorized | November 14, 2016

SubC’s very own Chad Collet and Ron Collier were in China last week to display our underwater technologies at the Oceanology International Conference. At this event, they showcased our latest and most popular technologies such as the  1Cam MK6, Aquorea LED,  DVRO and the Grenadier. Ron, our vice president of business development gave a presentation at the Blue Whale Club about technology in oceanology during the show. You can check out the Oceanology International China website here!



SubC at the Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety Conference

Events, Uncategorized | October 27, 2016

SubC will be back at the St.John’s Convention center to attend the Maritime & Arctic Security & Safety Conference. For this conference, we will be again showcasing the Cam1 MK6, Aquorea, DVR Portable 4K, Grenadier, and the Sculpin. We are excited to discuss how our world-class imaging software can aid in security and safety initiatives.

Check out the MASS site here, for information and conference location details.


SubC Imaging at the Arctic Technology Conference

Events, Uncategorized | October 19, 2016

SubC Imaging will be attending the Artic Technology Conference at the St.John’s Convention Center from October 24th to the 26th. We are excited to be showcasing our world class technology, some of which include the Cam1 MK6, Aquorea, DVR Portable 4K, Grenadier, and the Sculpin. Come down and view our booth, we look forward to demonstrating our equipment and fielding and answering any questions patrons may have!

Check out the conference site here, for more information and location details.


Ashtead Technology Moving Forward with SubC’s DVRO

SubC in the Press | September 30, 2016

Ashtead Technology has just landed an exciting deal with Dutch engineering firm Van Oord. This deal includes supplying 5 of SubC Imaging’s DVRO Systems, allowing them to record multiple 3D, HD and SD video channels simultaneously for future offshore construction and marine engineering projects.

The business development director for Ashtead said: “The SubC DVRO is the most comprehensive and complete media management solution on the market. It has been designed from the ground up, incorporating customized software and hardware to create a seamless technological solution for visual subsea monitoring.”

Ashtead Technology has been a SubC Imaging distributor since 2011, so we here at SubC are excited about this deal as well.

You can read the full article here.

Check out our DVRO walkthrough here!