SubC celebrates World Oceans Day at the Marine Institute

Community Outreach | June 5, 2017

SubC Imaging was at the Marine Institute over the weekend to celebrate World Ocean’s Day at the College’s Oceans Day NL event. Spectators had an opportunity to see some impressive footage taken by our HD cameras as well as to get a hands-on look at our latest tech. At this event we showcased our 1Cam MK6, Aquorea LED as well as our newest innovation the Rayfin. If you would like to know more about Oceans Day NL you can visit the Marine Institutes on Twitter here.

Attention Mate ROV competitors!

Community Outreach | May 18, 2017


In support of this year’s international MATE ROV competition, SubC Imaging is pleased to offer a discount on its Sculpin underwater cameras to all participating teams. The Sculpin is a compact, high-resolution video camera available in standard or high definition models and ideal for mounting on smaller ROVs.  
For more details or to receive pricing please contact the sales team.

Little Green Thumbs and Subc Imaging

Community Outreach | May 17, 2017

SubC Imaging’s Chad Collett and Adam Rowe visited Riverside Elementary last week to take a look at the class-grown crops as part of the Little Green Thumbs program. SubC Imaging is one of the sponsors for the two classes that were designated as Little Green Thumbs. Students grow vegetables to learn about the science involved, healthy eating and agriculture. The students did everything from planting, growing and eating of their own crops, and presented visitors with home grown salad, pesto pasta made from some basil, tomatoes, cucumber and other tasty vegetables.

The Little Green Thumbs classes went so well that outdoor gardens maybe in the future for Riverside Elementary. SubC is proud to support the development of our youth and to support this initiative.

SubC Imaging at Geohab 2017

Events | May 2, 2017

This week SubC Imaging’s Chad Collett and Ron Collier are in Nova Scotia to attend the 2017 Geohab conference. This conference houses an exhibition of industry technology and products used in the marine environmental community, but more importantly acts as a great multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge within ocean mapping and management. Chad and Ron will be showcasing our latest technology such as the Rayfin, Aquorea MK2, and the 1Cam MK6. They will also be discussing the future by meeting with other experiments within the industry. Pictured above is Ron Collier chatting with Ulrich Lobsiger, one of the pioneers of deep sea imaging.

This conference will be running from Monday, May 1st until Friday, May 5th. To learn more about Geohab you can visit their site here!


Aquorea Mk2 underwater ROV LED

Presenting the Aquorea MK2

Product and Service Updates | April 6, 2017

SubC Imaging is proud to present our latest innovation, the Aquorea MK2 hybrid strobe/lamp. The MK2’s lighting technology synchronizes with SubC cameras. The LED driver synchronizes the camera exposure time with it’s activation time while strobing. The built in charge control allows it to strobe while limiting the current draw from the system’s power supply. The Mk2 LED can also operate as a stand-alone product with serial control.­ For more information about our exciting MK2 and its features visit it’s product page here.

SubC is in the UK for the Ocean Business Conference

Events | April 4, 2017

SubC Imaging is in Southampton this week to demonstrate our specialized ocean imaging hardware and software. What sets this conference apart from other ocean industry events is it offers 180 hours of free training and demonstration sessions held in their real environments; in test tanks, classrooms, and on board vessels. Offering an educational and exciting opportunity for visitors to see the latest and greatest underwater mapping, imaging and autonomous vehicle technologies.

SubC brought along our 1Cam MK6, Aquorea MK2, Rayfin, and DVRO Portable to showcase the latest underwater imaging technology as well as our comprehensive software suite included on the DVRO portable. SubC Imaging is proud to be among the top innovators in the field of Ocean technology and underwater imaging.

To find out more about the Ocean Business conference check out their website here, or visit them on Facebook here.

Helping Ocean Scientists get a clearer image

SubC in the Press | March 16, 2017

SubC was recently given recognition for its high-quality equipment and one-stop solution for ocean imaging in an article written by Andrew Safer. The article followed a group of ocean scientists as they discussed the challenges of receiving high-quality images in the depths of the ocean as well as the limitations of the past and the advances of current technology. SubC Imaging was praised by ocean scientist Brennan Phillips as a company that offers an all in one solution to imaging and data collection or as he says, “What’s unique about SubC is they produce systems from soup to nuts,” , “from powering and controlling the camera, to processing the data, to storing it topside.”.

Phillips has recently been on an expedition in the Solomon Islands aided by our MK6 4k camera to help him in his research. “SubC’s camera fit right into that requirement. Everything worked flawlessly.” said Brennan when speaking about the advantages of using SubC’s equipment. Brennan also made use of our battery technology to assist in his dives, as he says “Battery power is a huge advantage when you can’t provide surface power to the system”.  SubC is proud to assist ocean scientists like Brennan Phillips in their endeavors.

Read the full article here.