In the Workshop with SubC Imaging

SubC in the Press | August 30, 2016

The Genesis Centre has chosen SubC Imaging for their second edition of inside the workshop! The article highlights the early beginnings of SubC Imaging and follows its story of growth, from a budding small business to a mature innovative tech company. This instalment also has great pictures and descriptions of our labs and specialised equipment as well as a walkthrough of our latest office, located in the heart of Clarenville.

Check it out: In the Workshop with SubC Imaging 



SubC Imaging listed in the top 100 leading subsea companies

SubC in the Press | August 8, 2016

Marine Technology Reporter’s annual MTR100 awards edition is the subsea industry’s most awaited annual ranking of the leading companies serving the global subsea industry.

In its August issue, MTR includes SubC Imaging in this prestigious list. You can download the pdf version of the latest MTR100 edition in the following link.


(a) Psychropotes cf. semperiana; (b) Ophiomusium cf. glabrum; (c) Xenophyophore plate-like morphotype 1: Psammina sp. in situ on seafloor;

Insights into the abundance and diversity of abyssal megafauna – The advantage of SubC’s 1Cam

Projects | August 3, 2016

The 1Cam continues to be a primary tool in the marine research community. This time it has helped researchers better understand and monitor the abundant diversity of mega-fauna in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone.

The ROV was equipped with two manipulators, four ROS QLEDIII lights, 1Cam Alpha Component high-definition downward-looking “science” video camera (1080p video and 24.1 megapixel stills) and one standard-definition forward-looking “pilot” video camera.

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1Cam helps mega-fauna research

1Cam helps mega-fauna research

1Cam Mk6 4K UHD, HD and Stills ROV camera

1Cam Mk6 and 3 year warranty

Product and Service Updates | July 18, 2016

Introducing the 1Cam Mk6 4K UHD, HD and Digitals Stills ROV camera. The Mk6 is built upon SubC’s time proven Smart Camera architecture. It is the 6th generation 1Cam and is designed to perform in all imaging applications.

Due to continuous improvement to quality control and reliability, SubC is increasing its standard warranty to 3 years for new products.

Winners of MATE 2016 with SubC Anglerfish Prize

MATE ROV competition 2016 – Supported by SubC

Community Outreach | June 15, 2016

Congratulations to the MUN ROV team. SubC has donated equipment and expertise to the MATE competition every year. It is an outstanding program that is aimed at developing the skills of youth in the oceans tech sector with the goal of developing well-educated professionals to enter the workforce. This year the winner received a free SubC camera. The results are posted here.

The RANGER class winner, Ozaukee High School from Fredonia, WI, was the proud winner of the Anglerfish camera system.  This team also had the highest production demonstration (underwater mission) score in the RANGER class. They did a fantastic job!