Introducing: LiquidOptics

November 23, 2015Product and Service Updates
SubC LiquidOptics water corrected HD optics for ROVs and AUVs

SubC is excited to introduced its latest development in terms of underwater optical engineering.

All of the advantages of a dome port with the added strength and scratch proofing of a sapphire lens.

LiquidOptics is available built into SubC Cameras. It provides an advanced 1:1 water corrected sapphire optic, enabling quality that is even higher than normal.


SubC LiquidOptics – Advanced Water-correction


LiquidOptics has been fully integrated in the 1Cam Series, available in the 1Cam MK5 range first. In the near future LiquidOptics will be available in all other SubC cameras as well.

SubC has now proven out two advanced optics design trademarks for its camera lineup.