ARCHIVES April 2011

Introducing the SubC Media Center


Extremely flexible and user friendly video recording and overlaying solution for the underwater market. Replacing many hardware components with a single system, it drastically simplifies the video recording process. Available Fall 2011. Available in different builds: SubC Media Center Click here for more information

DRDC use StarGazer for research


Defense Research Development Canada are using the StarGazer ultra low light camera in a research setting. They are testing theory of how to remove sediment from the water column with video editing techniques. Quote from one of DRDC's technicians: "We are calling the StarGazer the best camera in the world for this particular application". With unique applications such as this revealing themselves, the StarGazer shows great ability to illuminate the underwater world with just ambient sunlight as a light source. A sample picture of use in their test tank here: StarGazer Snapshot See more details about the StarGazer here.
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